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5 tips for Workin’ Mama’s: The Balance of Home + Career

Hey There! Let me start this blog post by saying, I DO NOT have it all figured out! These tips were either passed down from others or things I’ve attempted myself. Balancing home and a career can be more than a lot. We are oftentimes pulled in so many directions because everyone needs Mama and if you’re anything like me, after everyone else’s needs are met - I have nothing left to give. Not even to myself! Below are things that work for me and many others.

1. Set a Routine

We hear this often and while it is easier said than done, setting a routine and sticking by it can help alleviate a ton of stress! I’m sure you can relate, but when I’m in a rush, my energy shifts. At times, my tone becomes short and many times, I yell out of frustration. I don’t like yelling at my kiddos, period but especially first thing in the morning and over something that they can not control. So, to keep mama & the household happy - I set a routine! Get clothes out at night, backpacks ready, lunches made and sit by our front door. Now, do I do this every single night? HECK NO! Let’s be real! Some days I fall short but I’m sure you get my point. Setting a routine will help bring the balance desired!

2. Prioritize Yourself

Let me say that again...Prioritize Yourself! As much and as often as you possibly can. The saying rings true, if mama ain’t good, nobody is good! I believe this to be so very true! Why? because it happened to me! I was so consumed in the needs of my family and consistently put them before myself, I allowed depression to happen to me! Take control of your self care and realize it isn’t selfish and absolutely necessary.

3. Hire the help, Sis!

The days of women doing everything are long gone! Those women were probably depressed and that just ain’t my ministry! I don’t want to do everything. I want to focus on the things that matter to me and I can’t do that + all of my household responsibilities. So, I put my pride aside, communicated my expectations with my village, paid my village, and focused on what is most important to ME!

4. Be Present

I’ve only been in the influencer space for maybe 3 months and during that time, my husband has noticed how I am connected to my phone more now than before. I’ve been trying to engage online but missing the mark with my family. I had to put boundaries in place for myself (still a work in progress) in order to be present with my family. If we are having dinner, I am focused on dinner and table conversation. Car rides to and from school - I focus my attention on the road and talk with my children, listen to their favorite music and overall use that time to reconnect and be present during the moments that matter!

5. Make time to create family activities

This one is pretty simple! You do not need money! Your creative mind will do the trick! Plan a family park or beach day! It doesn’t take much to create memories and have a great time as a family.

#Cheers to finding the balance, Mama’s! We got this!



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